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[Press info] Mapify App – See what is happening. Anywhere, in real-time.

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A multitude of new content is created in social media every second – pictures, videos and tweets, but most of the information is lost in time and is not noticed. Mapify looks at social media from another angle, arranging all the information together with their location from the largest social media channels on the map in an iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) app.

You may discover that your neighbour is an active political tweeter or that on tomorrow’s trip the wind will sweep people off their feet. Mapify brings together Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and images from Panoramio, Flickr, Picasa and more. In addition, it gives a three-dimensional view of the weather, Wikipedia and even 26,000 webcams.

When a meteor came down in Chelyabinsk, Russia, Mapify was filled with corresponding images and videos before it got to the mass media. The Vatican was covered with emotional pictures just moments after the new pope was elected. In its own way it’s phenomenal – real-time live coverage direct from the scene from thousands of different people, wherever on Earth they may be.

This way, social media is always changing and full of surprises. Travellers, young social people, journalists, photographers or simply curious people – everyone can find something of interest in this application, to explore your neighbourhood, exotic islands in the Pacific or find new friends.

Mapify includes GPS and search by location, and you can find content that was created 1 minute ago together with content created 3 years ago. It’s easy for everyone to use. Today, the first version of Mapify is ready, there are a lot of ideas and the development is rapid. Come and discover the world with us – download the app for free.